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  • Ariel wants to thank Dr. Brinkmann for helping her eye...it's much better and she feels better! Thank you!

patient - ariel

I have been bringing my dogs to Dr. Brinkmann since my dog was blinded by another ophthalmologist here in town. Dr. B was able to save her eye from being removed  however her sight could not be restored because the damage caused by the first doctor was too great. I take my dogs every 6 months to see him and his wonderful staff. Dr. B is the most experienced eye doctor for animals in Las Vegas and I recommend him highly.

Marley getting ready to see Dr. Brinkmann.

She loves Jean and the staff so much!

marley kids - stella at work

April 2014

Stella loves to hang out in Lee's office before and after her annual visit with Dr. Brinkmann.  If Lee's lost any pens (straws, spoons, paperclips or dust bunnies) she will be sure to find them.  Stella was one of those kitties who another doctor told her pet mommy before adoption that she would  loose her eye if she didn't have a lifetime of eye drops, but one visit to Dr. Brinkmann proved that neither to be the case at all.  Now she loves life and everything around it!

October 2014

The moment we brought our little Amigo to Dr. Brinkmann, we knew Amigo was in the best of hands. Dr. Brinkmann is a very kind, dedicated doctor.  You know without a doubt that he is truly focused on helping your pet.  His reputation is commendable. Reviews of how he's helped countless pets is not only encouraging, but solid proof that he is miracle worker!  Looking at his little patients'  many "thank you" photos and testimonials on his office walls proves he gives so much to make their lives better.

Your appointment time with him is never, in any way, rushed. Dr. Brinkmann takes time to explain, and diagram, all aspects of what the problem is, and several solutions to correct it. All  questions and concerns are thoroughly answered. There was never any pressure to perform surgery. It was always an option that was left to us, and what would be best for Amigo.

Dr. Brinkmann's tech staff, Jean and Michelle, are so sweet, caring, and attentive not only to your pets' needs, but also in educating pet parents, and in our case, pet grandparents, on follow up care, and clear instructions for administering medications.  Michelle even called several pharmacies to find one with the best price on a prescription drop for Amigo!  So busy, and yet she did that for us. She's always friendly, patient and attentive to every pet parents' needs, even with the phone ringing off the hook, and many other pet parents waiting their turn at her desk.

The way this wonderful group treats your pet is heartwarming!  To see and hear Jean talking to your pet, you do believe that this wonderful lady is deeply dedicated to helping all animals above and beyond what would be expected!  Her many years of assisting Dr. Brinkmann assure you that she is alert and very knowledgeable to whatever is needed to help him to help your precious pet.

So much trust between the doctor and his tech staff is evident in the way they respectfully speak about each other.

Under Dr. Brinkmann's care,  we believe that he will make our little peanut, Amigo, see once again!

We thank Dr. Brinkmann and his staff for taking Amigo and his little problem under their wings!

Sincerely, Jo and Chet Cwirko, and little Amigo