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We take the word Service in Veterinary Ophthalmology Service very seriously.  Our philosophy is to treat each of our clients and their pets with first class service.  This means you can expect a caring and nurturing staff as well as a state of the art facility that houses the medical equipment needed to do the job right.


How do you know if your pet needs an ophthalmologist?

Your regular veterinarian can identify and treat most routine eye problems. Depending on the nature of the condition, your veterinarian may consult with Dr. Brinkmann or refer you directly to him. Your veterinarian and Dr. Brinkmann will work together to assure that your pet's needs are met. Timely medical attention can lessen the effects of disease and injury on your pet, reduce their discomfort, shorten medical treatment, and save you unnecessary expense.


Signs and symptoms of eye problems:

Loss of sight. Eye discoloration, Behavioral changes, Clouding of the eye, Red or swollen eyes, Growth on or near eye, Light sensitivity/squinting, Excessive tearing or abnormal ocular discharge, Rubbing or pawing at eyes,


Veterinary Ophthalmology Service specializes in the following services:



 Eye care for your pets (cats, dogs, birds, horses, exotics). Treatment of eye issues such as corneal ulcers, eye infections, feline herpes, glaucoma, uveitis, cataracts, OFA (CERFs), healthy eye checkups for puppies/kittens/seniors, and so much more.


Before and after surgery we have a Reiki Master who comforts the pet as they are being prepared for surgery and when they are coming out of surgery.  Click here to read about her experience with one of our patients.  We are the ONLY clinic providing this awesome service to our patients.


Veterinary Specialty Service

Busy schedule?    Unable to visit your veterinarian during office hours?   Physical restrictions that make driving difficult?

We now offer home-to-clinic or clinic-to-clinic transportation service, shuttling your pet in comfort in a climate-controlled, highly-secured vehicle. Service also available to transport pets across state lines for moving/relocation. For more information or to schedule a pick-up, please contact Dennis at 702-610-4036.  


For Breeders

Veterinary Ophthalmology Service offers OFA (formerly CERF) examinations.  Appointments are required for each patient.  As a courtesy, we ask that you arrive ten minutes before your examination time to fill out the OFA form and to allow for dilation.  OFA forms are triplicate and must be filled out at your appointment time.  


Each examination screens for ocular diseases that are considered inherited, which differ between breeds. Dr. Brinkmann

examines and performs a full ophthalmic examination of both eyes at each exam.  Because inherited eye diseases can appear

at anytime during an animal's lifetime, OFA examinations can be done as early as 6 weeks of age and are required annually.