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Annually in May

Veterinary Ophthalmology Service is proud to announce that we participated in the National Service Dog Eye Exam Event that ran for the entire month of May!


Thousands of qualified Service Animals across the county have had their eyes examined since the event started in 2008, improving and averting ocular disease for many. We provided free screening eye exams for all Service Dogs that met the requirements.

June 2013

Dr. Brinkmann was featured in a number of veterinary journals and publications, endorsing the benefits of CareCredit as an alternate payment option for clients and their cherished pets.      


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to see a copy of the ad!

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Annually in March

Dr. Brinkmann sponsors the National Doctor's Day program in partnership with Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions.  Preceeding National Doctor's Day, Homeward Bound sent display information to all veterinary offices inspiring pet parents to nominate their favorite vet.  Cards were then printed and sent out in appreciation for their pet's veterinary services.

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We're big on supporting local efforts for animal rescue so we were happy to do what we can to make a difference for pets.  That's why when you walk into our lobby you see a bookcase full of dog toys to raise money for Adopt-a-Rescue Pet.  Everyone wins ... your dog gets a new toy, a charity get the funding to continue to do their good work in our community!  


Then there's a donation box on top of the counter for Sophie's Little Angels.  This awesome group makes a HUGE impact in our community by working in synergy with every adoption organization to bottle feed puppies and kittens until they are eating on their own and can go into foster care to socialize and eventually get ready for adoption. Putting a donation box on our counter is the least we could do.  


What's not so obvious is how we support our cat friends at Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions.  You've all seen/heard some of our resident cats that have come and gone ... Lucy the

orange tabby, Dylan the Sphynx, Rambo the Cornish Rex, all the newborn babies

Jean bottle feeds every 1-3 hours in between appointments, and so many others

we help behind the scenes!

In the Community

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